LAP Students

Which students can benefit from LAP?

Any student who would benefit from one-to-one time with a caring mentor can take part in LAP.

Students who benefit include those who:

  • would value the opportunity to have special time with a mentor and friend in a safe and happy environment
  • have a talent or interest to be nurtured and extended
  • have low self-esteem or confidence
  • need encouragement and guidance with class work
  • have English as a second language
  • find literacy and numeracy a challenge
  • have social and emotional needs that need further support

It is important when establishing your programme that students from the different groups outlined above are considered. They may be referred by their teacher, school principal, parent/caregiver. Students can also make their own decision to be a part of the Programme. This ensures that ALL students can access this special one-to-one time with a caring mentor.