LAP Mentors

Community volunteer mentors

LAP volunteers are mentors who provide individual time and care for students in schools. Mentors accept students as the unique individuals they are.

LAP mentors come from all walks of life with differing experiences and talents.

They may volunteer for LAP because:

  • they have a genuine concern for other people
  • they have a particular interest, talent, skill or language they wish to share
  • their own child or someone they know is involved in the Programme
  • they enjoy meeting new people
  • they want an opportunity to learn more about the school through community involvement

Year 12 student mentors

Year 12 students are wonderful LAP mentors who are encouraged, in their final year of school, to mentor a student during one of their free study periods. It is good practice to nominate interested Year 12 students as LAP Leaders or develop an Executive Team. This provides opportunity for leadership along with promoting the Programme with other students.

Students studying the International Baccalaureate Organisation Diploma can have their LAP involvement recognised as part of CAS requirements, while others take part through different community service programmes within the school.

It is essential that mentors are nurtured, guided, appreciated and valued at all times during their participation in LAP.



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2021 AGM

Thursday 11th November 2021
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