Getting Started with LAP

Organisation and management

A LAP Coordinator or Management Team is responsible for the implementation of the Programme in a school. There are administrative and organisational tasks that need to be followed to ensure the success of the Programme.

The following forms should be downloaded for use in the Programme:

Coordinator’s check sheet

Student referral form

Mentor details for

Resources order form

Individual student LAP plan

Matching students with mentors

Matching students and mentors is like building a jigsaw puzzle. All the pieces interlock and are necessary to complete the picture.

Establishing criteria for matching students with mentors is essential for success. It is important to consider the:

  • personalities of both the student and mentor
  • personal wellbeing and learning needs of the individual student
  • existing talents and skills of the mentor
  • age and gender of the mentor
  • life experiences and confidence of the mentor
  • language/mother tongue of both the student and mentor
  • time availability of both the student and mentor

The aim is to find the perfect match to benefit the student’s wellbeing and learning outcomes.

Responsibilities and legal requirements

All mentors must complete the approved Mentor details form and undergo a police clearance and screening process required by the different systems of education in Australia and overseas.

Mentors volunteering in South Australian schools must also receive information and training about confidentiality, Occupational Health and Safety obligations and mandatory reporting responsibilities by attending a volunteer session for Child Safe Environments – Responding to Abuse and Neglect – Education and Care (RAN–EC).


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