LAP Aims

Student and whole-school benefits

LAP is a wonderful way to involve the wider community into your school with a focus on wellbeing. The Programme enables schools to support students in a very cost effective way. Students and volunteer mentors meet at the same time, during one lesson, once a week. They are carefully matched to build upon individual student’s strengths, interests and abilities.

LAP benefits students because it:

  • is safe, personal and always one-to-one
  • is about relationships
  • builds confidence and self-esteem
  • takes a creative approach to learning
  • promotes parent/caregiver and community participation in the school
  • provides a school-based community service programme for Year 12/senior students that is internationally recognised.
  • Links with local and international curricula.

Students’ confidence and self-esteem is increased through the provision of:

  • personalised care
  • extension
  • enrichment
  • learning support
  • wellbeing.